Standards, tolerances and marking of rolled quarto sheets

Kvarto sheets meet quality, safety and other requirements based on the technical standards listed below. Compliance with EU legislative requirements is supported by attest documentation and CE marking. Based on other requirements, we will also provide you with additional tests, acceptances and certifications, such as, for example, ultrasound examination, TÜV acceptances, certification according to Deutsche Bahn and others.

Dimension and Flatness EN 10029, A(SA)20/A(SA)20M, A(SA)6/A(SA)6M
Surface EN 10163, A(SA)20/A(SA)20M, A(SA)6/A(SA)6M
Trying in Z axis (through thickness) EN 10164, A(SA)770/A(SA)770M
Ultrasound EN 10160, SEL 072/77, A(SA)435, A(SA)578, others by agreement
Control Documents EN 10204, EN 10168
Trying According to EN, ASTM, ASME standards, shipping companies, others by agreement

Marking of sheets

We mark the sheets with stamping and paint. Embossing is carried out cold in a low-stress point way. White marking takes place either on automatic signing machines or manually (mostly using templates). We implement Specific customer requirements on the basis of an agreement within the framework of individual orders, it can be, for example, the marking of sheets in the form of text (spraying white paint on the sheet) or color marking.

Symbols for heat treatment

AR after rolling (without heat treatment)
N normalization
NT normalization and relaxation
A soft annealing
M (TMCP) thermomechanical rolling

Testing, accreditation and authorization of metal sheets

We carry out technological tests in our own accredited testing laboratories (ČIA), which are authorized by TÜV Nord, Lloyd Register, DNV, SŽCZ, American Bureau and Bureau Veritas.

Accredited test methods that we use in testing:

  • tensile test at room and elevated temperatures
  • bending impact test
  • hardness test according to Brinell and Vickers
  • lamellar cracking test (Z-axis test)
  • bending tests
  • weld-bend test
  • probing the macrostructure with sulphide prints
  • evaluation of the macrostructure

Supplied control documents according to EN 10204:

  • based on the order, we will issue the appropriate inspection certificate with the chemical composition of the melt and the results of the tests performed, such as mechanical tests, ultrasound, etc.
  • statement of compliance with order "2.1"
  • test report "2.2"
  • inspection certificate "3.1"
  • inspection certificate "3.2"

Receiving companies:

  • SŽCZ, DNV, LR, TÜV NORD etc.
  • possibility of acceptance directly by the customer
  • multiple attestation only by agreement

We perform ultrasonic testing to verify the internal homogeneity of sheets:

  • to verify the internal homogeneity of the sheets we use an automatic ultrasonic line with TÜV Nord certification or, in case of stricter conditions, manual testing.

Quality of sheets

Quality of sheets rolled on a rolling stand 3.5 Kvarto in VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. is guaranteed by a whole range of certificates.

System certificates:

  • system certificates of the integrated management system according to EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

Property Declaration:

  • in accordance with the EU Regulation 305/2011 on placing construction products with the CE mark on the market, a Declaration of Properties is issued for sheet metal produced according to the harmonized standards EN 10025-2,-3,-4,-5 and EN 10343, which declares that the properties of the products are in accordance with the relevant harmonized technical specifications.
  • conformity assessment: TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co.KG.

Product certificates:

  • certificates of inspection companies DNV and LR
  • certification of products for rail transport according to Deutsche Bahn HPQ (DBS 918 002-02)
  • certification of products for pressure equipment according to PED 2014/68/EU, according to AD 2000-Merkblatt W1/W10
  • proof of conformity of products for construction purposes in "Ü - Zeichen" according to Bauregelliste A, part 1
  • proof of conformity for building and construction purposes according to EN 1090-2+A1