Our company started cooperation in the field of thick hot-rolled sheets in connection with the need for operational financing of VÍTKOVICE STEEL a.s. The company VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY TRADE s.r.o. acted as the main tolling partner of VÍTKOVICE STEEL a.s. for hot-rolled plates from May 2022 to October 2023. Based on the Tolling Contract between the two companies, the company VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY TRADE s.r.o. took over the full financing of the material supply chain and subsequently took over the customer portfolio in the area of thick plates and the associated financing of the relevant receivables.

The company VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY TRADE s.r.o. thus became one of the major distributors of thick plates in the Czech Republic.

Even after the end of the Tolling Contract, we remain in close business relation with the rolling mill VÍTKOVICE STEEL a.s. VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY TRADE s.r.o. continues to offer its customers:

  • supply of sheet metal according to customer specifications from own slabs,
  • the possibility of storing finished plates in our warehouse and successive deliveries according to the customer's requirements,
  • cut shapes from ordered plates,
  • other products and services listed on our website.
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Portfolio of VMT services:

  • bending, assembly and welding of weldments from our cut shapes
  • heat treatment in 12 gas furnaces and 4 quenching tanks
  • the cutting with the maximum cross section of material 1 750 × 1 750 mm and with 60 t maximum weight
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